Online exhibition 

Anton Smit

New Futurism
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Online exhibition 

Kunst 20


October 28th - November 1st
Online exhibition 

Ennock Mlangeni

The Butterfly finds its wings

South African phenomenon Ennock Mlangeni hosted his first international exhibition at Uitstalling Art Gallery. His paintings made an enormous impression on the visitors. Check out this overview!

September - October, 2020
Online exhibition 

Lionel Smit


July - August, 2020
Online exhibition 

Adriaan Diedericks

Allegorical Elegies

Adriaans' first solo show in Belgium was a fantastic adventure. Nevertheless the impact of COVID-19, the exposition was frequently visited by art lovers. Relive his amazing works on this page.

June - July, 2020
Adriaan Diedericks - Transfiguration Bus
Online exhibition 

Haidee Nel:

February - April, 2020

Due to Covid-19 we had to end this exhibition only six weeks after a fabulous start. But we're very proud to showcase 'Bitter-Sweet' from Haidee Nel online. Enjoy her inspiring artworks!

Online exhibition 
June - December, 2019

Anton Smit: Colossal

In June 2019, South-African artist and sculpturist Anton Smit started his first solo-show at the Uitstalling. A wide variety of more than 100 artworks were shown to the public. 
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