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August 19 - December 17, 2023

Uitgestald-2 is part of our project aiming to spotlight talented artists connected to two specific regions - Limburg and Wielkopolska. First edition of the cycle Uitgestald-1 showcased Limburg-based artists first in Genk at Uitstalling Art Gallery and then in Poznań's at MAD Gallery. 

This second instalment - Uitgestald-2 - presents a fresh selection of Polish contemporary art. It displays the outcome of an open call selection of 19 artists that share various connections to the oldest Polish region. Among them, we find a collection of distinct artists, ranging from figures present in the Polish art scene, as well as promising newcomers taking their first professional steps. 

Starting from August 19th, we showcase this selection in Uitstalling Art Gallery. Through their artworks, we may gain a deeper understanding of the unique artistic perspectives emerging from this historic ground.

Fragility - 5_edited.png



Małgorzata Andrzejewska - Yauheniya Bialova - Alejandro Cardona - Maria Antonina Gałach - Maria i Vadim Lipovscy - Kamila Kobierzyńska - Julia Królikowska - Allen Mack - Jakub Malinowski - Anna Myszkowiak - Bożena Paluch - Kacper Pietrzak-  Kinga Popiela - Maciej Przybylski - Justyna Stankiewicz - Katarzyna Strzykalska - Piotr Szudra - Urszula Śliz - Marta Tomiak 

The selected artists use different media, artistic techniques and represent various backgrounds – from starting, unknown to experienced ones with exhibitions in Poland and abroad. All of them are connected with our region by origin, studies or inhabitation.

The book, published in an edition of 101 copies, is a collection of 19 numbered and signed editions that can be easily removed from the book. All artists received a copy of UITGESTALD-2. The remaining books are available and offered for sale on a non-profit basis at the price of €795. Individual art works can be bought at €50/pc. 

Alejandro Cardona Pelaez

pero estancado / but stagnant

11,8 x 17,7 cm - Photography

Glossy photographic paper

Anna Myszkowiak


10 x 6,5 cm - Ink printing on Fomey matt 180g paper


Jakub Malinowski 

blank / z cyklu Generatory obrazów / 24 x 23 cm / papier, wypukłodruk bez farby / 2023

Maciej Przybylski


20,2 x 23 cm  - watercolor on paper, drawing, painting, various forms of printing, collage, mixing

Bożena Paluch 

At home

17,5 x 12,6 cm - Print on photo paper

Maria i Vadim Lipovscy 


20 x 20 cm - stamps on paper, gilding foil, marker

Katarzyna Strzykalska

Let’s talk

15 x 15 cm - Digital printing on various shades and textures paper

Justyna Stankiewicz  

Inside the adult

23 x 23 cm - Digital print

Yauheniya Bialova 

Invasion on the city

18 x 24 cm - Digital print

Marta Tomiak 

Jest lag

23 x 18,8 cm - Riso MZ770 on Munken Cream 220 paper

Małgorzata Andrzejewska   


15,3 x 23 cm  - Print on ROUGH 200g paper

Kacper Pietrzak  

Painting the fire, from the photo series "Painting the fire"

24 x 19,58 cm - Digital photography print on photo rag 310g

Piotr Szudra 

The Sun Line

23 x 23 cm - Solarigraphy on Solution Luster photo paper

Kinga Popiela    


21 x 14,8 cm - acrylic on Windsor Newton 150g paper

Uitgestald-2 - MAD Art Gallery

Urszula Śliz   

Red_green composition

17 x 12 cm - Offset print on cardboard

Maria Antonina Gałach  

Zdrożny - notatka

17,8 x 13,9 cm - Drawing-collage

Allen Mack    


23 x 23 cm - Handmade graphics - stencil, spray

Kamila Kobierzyńska   

Pigeon's tale

21 x 17 cm - Cyanotype 

Julia Krolikowska    


18,75 x 25 cm - Acrylic on paper


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