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Uitstalling The Gallery

Anthony Lane

June 4th - July 11th, 2021  


The Archetype Exhibition represents a selection of some of the themes that Anthony explored since 2012 when he started working as a sculptor. Into this he integrates his interest in the themes of music, architecture, geometry and colour, exploring the emotive value that he adds to his work.

His process involves creating prototypes for every sculpture, which is the beginning of the battle that he has with himself in using sheets of steel, which in their flat state are cold and impersonal, in order to create a minimalist figurative representation that has an attitude and a personality. 

According to the artist, the human body is the most miraculous example of functionality and engineering with nothing extraneous or superfluous. So merging the skeletal and muscular structure of the body, it creates a geometry that distills the figure to its absolute essence, blurring the lines between the seen and the unseen. 

Anthony sees his work as being classical in its concept, but contemporary in its execution. The beauty of sculpture for him is about light, shadow and reflection which are all integrated in his work. Classical figurative sculptures are generally solid forms, whereas his work allows light to flow through them allowing for a dynamic and changing engagement for the viewer.

Anthony Lane - Origami Chill

Origami Chill

L 211 cm 51 cm H 87 cm - 33 kg 

316 Stainless steel

Anthony Lane - Shard Seated

Shard Seated

L 140 cm w 80 cm H 86 cm - 24 kg 

Edition of 12 

316 hand polished Stainless steel - 2018

PHOTO-2021-06-02-16-15-42 17.jpg

Origami Time Out

L 105cm x 65 x H 91cm - 33 kg 

316 Stainless steel coated in 2K Auto paint - 2019

Anthony Lane - Jazz No 9

Jazz No 9 

L187 x W83 x H 72 cm - 33 kg

Edition of 12 - 316 Stainless steel - 2017

Anthony Lane - Dazed & Confused

Frequencies & Syntheses
Dazed & Confused

H 105 x W 88 x L 4 cm - 15.6 kg 

Painted MDF - 2016

Anthony Lane - Foxy Lady

Frequencies & Syntheses
Foxy Lady 

H 105 x W 88 x L 4 cm - 15.6 kg

Painted MDF - 2016

Anthony Lane - Continuum Dream

Continuum Dream

L185 x W 61.5 x H 45 cm - 24 kg

Edition of 12 - 316 Stainless steel coated in 2K Auto paint - 2014

Anthony Lane - AEON Blue

Aeon Blue

L 90 x W 100 x H 100 cm - 16.5 kg

Aluminium coated in 2K auto paint - 2019

Anthony Lane - Chromata Matrix

Chromata Matrix

H 88 x W 88 x L 88 cm - 16 kg

Painted MDF - 2012

Anthony Lane - AEON Pearl

Aeon Pearl

L 90 x W 110 x H 100 cm -16.5 kg

Aluminium coated in 2K auto paint - 2018

Anthony Lane - Chromata Cube

Chromata Cube

H 96 x W 96 x L 96 cm - 75 kg

Aluminium with Stainless steel coupling pins - Edition 3/3 - 2018

Anthony Lane - Origami Quiet

Origami Quiet

L 110 x W 58 x H 87 cm - 33 kg 

Edition of 12

316 Stainless steel coated in 2K Auto paint - 2012

Anthony Lane - ADHE White Thought

ADHE White Thought

L 26 x W 26 x H 70 cm - 5.8 kg

Painted aluminium on 316 Stainless steel plinth - 2018

Anthony Lane - ADHE Tangerine Thought

ADHE Tangerine Thought

L 26 x W 32 x H 70 cm - 5.5 kg

Painted aluminium on 316 Stainless steel plinth - 2018

For Sale


Born in 1961 in Springs, South Africa
Educated in Pretoria South Africa
Lives and works in Cape Town, South Africa and Skopelos, Greece

Anthony Lane qualified cum laude as an Art and Design graduate in 1981.

He founded Cape Town based Anthony Lane Design Consultancy in 1989 and as a multi award winning designer built an exclusive portfolio of brands for prestigious clients in the wine, cosmetic, sporting, hospitality, industrial and corporate worlds over the next 28 years.

His sculptural career commenced in 2011. Anthony Lane made his fine art debut in 2014 with Johans Borman Fine Art. His innovative sculptures have been received with high acclaim by both South African and international collectors alike.

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